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An African Arts Association

We believe music and dance creates and strengthens community. We believe arts gives quality to life. And arts is for everyone!

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Amdy Ngom

With more than 5 years of touring and 10 years as a professional artist resident in Europe, Amdy is an experienced international artist.

With a strong foundation in the West African Arts, and Sabar in particular, he is a quality-driven and focused artistic director.

He founded Ngatch Fall Family in Denmark, to teach and engage the local community in the African Arts. He also acts as founder and ambassador of the sister-association Ngatch Fall Guédiawaye, in the aim of safeguarding the Sabar tradition in Senegal, and to educate young artists in the arts as well as providing possibility of combining this with a formal education.

Why not?

Give yourself the chance to visit Senegal and experience the culture and arts for yourself.

Ngatch Fall Family offers training holidays as well as consultancy, if you wish to travel on your own. We have a great local network, ready to cater for your needs and to serve as trustworthy guides in the big city of Dakar.

Whether it be long hours at the markets, looking for that special something, interpretation in everyday life or at important meetings, connections to business or government – You name it and we find the right person for you!

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